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Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci

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Here is an overview of the companies that follow us

Every company has made its contribution to the circular-economy and this has been clearly documented by the certification of the registered products.




We create chemistry for a sustainable future.

Around 115,000 employees work on contributing⁣ to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. We operate six Verbund sites as well as 347 additional production sites in more than 80 countries.

We want to live up to our purpose and be an action leader in sustainability. We are only successful if our products, solutions and technologies add value to society. Therefore, we want to make a positive impact on society and safeguard our planet.




For more than 50 years, we have on a daily basis been doing our best to ensure that your products are not only optimally protected and sustainably packed, but that they also really impress the consumer. Our more than 1.400 employees are recognized experts in the development, production and design of films.

The three pillars of sustainability – economy, ecology and social awareness – are an integral part of our company philosophy and our activities. 

We respect the finite nature of resources and consequently make sure that we work with them as carefully as possible and use them efficiently. 

We incorporate special environmentally friendly processes in the packaging solutions we develop for our customers. We take a holistic approach to our production and the use of processes that save on energy and raw materials and we rely on certified environmental management.




A coating partner you can trust.

DSM is a global purpose-led, science-based company specializing in Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living. Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all. We achieve it by using all the scientific and innovation power at our disposal to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges – creating value for customers, shareholders, our people and society at large.

By leveraging our 100-year track record in materials science, our DSM Coating Resins business has helped shape the coating industry by developing innovations that are perform better, and benefit people, planet and profit. Today, we continue to drive forward by investing in our technologies – and our people – to shape a sustainable coatings industry, such as by developing resins that allow the manufacture and application of sustainable coating technologies, including waterbased, powder and UV-curing coatings. Listed on the Euronext Amsterdam and with annual net sales of about €10 billion, approximately 23,000 employees across the globe, and major R&D centers worldwide, we are a partner you can trust.




We care about resources

Stena Recycling offers customized services and comprehensive solutions in recycling and efficient resource management. With nearly 90 facilities in Sweden, the company creates value for its customers and society as a whole and contributes to the increased recycling and reuse of materials and products.

Stena Recycling collects materials and products from over 70 000 customers in many different industries. The company recycles material such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electronics, plastic, paper and mixed waste. Steel industries, paper mills and other customers buy the recycled raw material for use in the manufacture of new products.

Stena Nordic Recycling Center, one of Europe’s most modern recycling facilities, forms a hub for the company’s industrial recycling infrastructure. It represents a major step forward in efficient resource management and offers significant benefits to customers and the environment. It has increased material recycling and produces recycled raw materials of high, consistent quality. The facility has led to an overall reduction in waste and the amount of material sent to landfill sites.

With the market for recycled plastic set to expand, Stena Recycling is investing in the development of new processes at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center, in order to enable the recycling of more types of plastic.



We are the leading German manufacturer of plastic bags made of recycled plastics and granulate for new goods in Germany.

For over 30 years we have been making our experience and knowledge available to our customers. In January 2014 we moved our company headquarters from Sinsheim-Dühren to Siegelsbach, about 20 kilometers away, near Heilbronn. 

On our now almost 100,000 sqm large premises we recycle film waste to high-quality plastic granulates with our ultra-modern machinery in order to then feed them into our film production.

We produce plastic products such as refuse sacks, yellow sacks, bin liners, disposal sacks, drawstring sacks, recyclables sacks, recyclables collection sacks, packaging sacks, styrofoam collection sacks in various sizes, colors and thicknesses. We produce everything that is necessary for disposal in waste management.

The production of your films for your plastic products for waste disposal is in good hands with us. Special productions of packaging bags is our business.




Relux is your reliable partner for the supply of secondary raw materials, waste recycling and – where necessary – waste disposal.

Together with our partners, as a certified manufacturer of secondary raw materials and recyclates and as a specialist waste management company, we offer you a complete service for all areas of recycling and waste disposal. Our focus is on the development of individual solutions for demanding waste fractions. Our strength as a manufacturing company is the combination of recovery and provision of raw materials in combination with reliable disposal solutions from the waste to be recycled or disposed of.

Relux makes an important contribution to climate and resource protection through the use of modern technologies in the recycling of waste and the extraction of raw materials.

The high-quality recycling of waste helps to replace valuable primary raw materials. In this way, solutions are created for the challenges of the future: Raw materials are preserved and at the same time environmental impacts are reduced.




Rodepa Plastics BV was founded in 2006 as a Dutch family business and is now a leading innovator and supplier in plastics recycling.
We are a sister company of De Paauw Plasticrecycling (founded in 1956).

At our plant in the Netherlands, we produce 25,000 MT of regranulate and 10,000 MT of regrind, suitable for extrusion and injection moulding. Our in-house quality monitoring, access to a steady supply of raw materials and understanding of today’s markets enable us to offer you the partnership and expertise you need to succeed.

Based in a country made up partially of land reclaimed from the North Sea by visionary engineers, we at Rodepa have a natural knack for both technology and the creation of new resources from apparently unusable material.

Our expertise lies in converting plastic residuals of all kinds into high-value solutions for a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications worldwide. As a European leader in our market, we offer you reliable and highly versatile plastic materials, a steady stream of innovation opportunities – and a share in a more sustainable future.

At Rodepa we strive to give plastics the right place in today’s world. We discuss with our customers how we can handle their waste streams or provide them with new resources professionally, cost-effectively and sustainably.




The Draak family, entrepreneurs based in Hamburg/Germany, recognized the enormous potential of plastics recycling in the late 1950’s and began to specialize in processing clean manufacturing scrap purchased from plastics converters. Today RSH POLYMERE GmbH is a specialist for recycling and recompounding high-quality polymers and sells in-house manufactured recycle grades and recompounds used in extruded and injection-moulded products for wide-ranging applications in the automotive, construction , consumer goods and packaging industries.

By recycling plastics, RSH verifiably contributes to conservation and protection of finite natural resources today and for generations to come. When recycled, plastic scrap – instead of being incinerated or discarded in nature – is returned to a useful and sustainable utilization cycle.

The process recovers high-quality raw materials for reuse while at the same time avoiding substantial CO2 emissions. This has been proven and confirmed by assessments made in collaboration with an independent technical institute. Our regranulates and compounds replace virgin resins, thereby realizing emission savings of 83 – 93% CO2e as compared to the same weight of virgin stock.

These enormous savings help conserve natural resources and also highlight the importance of recycling on a widespread scale. This trend has been widely recognized by leading consumer goods and automotive manufacturers, many of which specify sustainability as a key criterion for contract awarding to their suppliers.




BPM GmbH is a family-owned, internationally active company with a focus on the disposal and recycling of plastic production residues. We manufacture regrinds and regranulates from pure residual plastics.

We currently produce over 1,500 tonnes of regrind and regranulate per month. With an annual production of 20,000 tonnes, we have a turnover of around twelve million euros.

Founded in 1993 by Peter Gribbe under the name Bösel Recycling Management GmbH, our company has been managed for more than 15 years by his daughter, the managing partner Stephanie Kötter-Gribbe. She has developed BPM into a producer of high-quality regranulates and a developer of sustainable disposal concepts.

United Caps



UNITED CAPS is a visionary international pioneer in the packaging industry.

Our closures and teams enable Total Packaging Solutions with the help of superior innovation, differentiating design, pioneering use of technology and exceptional services.

As a family owned business, nothing matters more than the next generation, therefore all closures are infused with the ethos that they should not only perform as well in the plant as they do in the hand, but that they should differentiate todayand sustain tomorrow. 

R&D teams work at the cutting edge to help meet today‘s needs without compromising the future. 

After all, the planet is not inherited from past generations, it is on loan from the next.



Storopack is a specialist in protective packaging and technical molded parts.
As a global, family-run company, tradition and innovation play a key role in everything we do. Our aim is to offer customers the perfect protective packaging solution and support them over the long term – this idea is what shapes our daily activities.

With certified production facilities and locations around the world, Storopack has a decentralized structure and is always in close proximity to the customer. Around 2,500 employees work at 66 locations in 18 countries around the world and our products are available in more than 50 countries. As a global, family-run company, we’re aware of our responsibility towards society and the economy and not only want to assume it, but also actively help shape it.




LyondellBasell’s Wesseling/Knapsack Complex includes two manufacturing sites in the chemical region of Cologne/Rhineland that operate as an integrated facility. The Wesseling site began operation in 1953 and today comprises more than 2.7 square kilometres.
It is LyondellBasell’s largest facility in Europe. The Knapsack site, about 15 kilometers from the Wesseling site, began operation in 1970 and is located in the Chemiepark Knapsack, near the town of Hürth.

Our commitment as a socially responsible company means that we operate our facilities in a manner that protects people and the environment and preserves our world for future generations. Operational Excellence is our commitment to reliably and flawlessly execute our operations to meet our goals in safety, environmental stewardship and efficiency.

Operational Excellence enables us to build a sustainable future for ourselves and the many communities we serve.



ecoloop is a certification-program for plastic producers, recyclers as well as processors and manufacturers of plastic products.

The ecoloop – certification program contains 3 different modules:

module 1 – extend the loop

Extend loop refers to the use of plastic oil in the production of raw materials for the plastics industry. Fossil oils can be replaced by waste based plastic oils or pyrolysis oils in crackers. By means of a mass balance procedure, the plastic oils used can be assigned to the certified products.

module 2 – open the loop

By open the loop we mean the production of regrinds or regranulates from plastic waste. These material processes are used to produce raw materials for various industrial sectors and thus replace conventional raw materials.

module 3 – close the loop

“Close the loop” refers to the last production step that uses raw materials or products from modules 1 or 2 to manufacture its products (components) for the end consumer and can thus prove the use of plastic waste-based raw materials.




We are always on the lookout for new, forward-looking opportunities, we love innovation and we are committed to sustainability so that you can benefit from the best service and the best results.

And the environment?

We protect them every day of the year. While others are still thinking about reducing their CO² levels, we have long since left this sector.

What can you expect from our company?

Quite a few things. We offer you a professional 360-degree plastic recycling process, from washing to the production of regrind and granulate. We use our biogas plant for the necessary energy supply and feed electricity into the public grid. We are engaged in agriculture and poultry farming.
We always keep an eye on people, the environment and economic efficiency.

Pyrum Innovations AG


The Pyrum Innovations AG is an innovative recycling and plant construction company based in Germany and Luxembourg. The worldwide patented Pyrum recycling process is unique and cannot be compared to any existing recycling process.

The Pyrum Innovations Group is mainly engaged in the development, construction and operation of specially developed recycling technologies in the field of used tyres, plastic waste, CFRP, minerals, bitumen and other complex waste. The recycling process presented here is already marketed worldwide and delivered turnkey ready.

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