any mechanical process in which plastic waste is broken down into irregular pieces of any size and shape (shredding is generally understood to mean the shredding of materials that cannot be shredded by the shredding process typically used in a hammer mill).

standard recipe

A standard recipe is a plant-specific quantity levy by the subscriber of the input materials required for production, as well as the quantities of the by-products and main products.


A third company that manufactures products for the company applying for certification. The applicant company retains ownership of the products produced in this process. The input material may be provided by the applicant company itself or by the third company.


A connected network of transformations and transport between transformations in which recycled, wastebased or bio-based material enters and is converted to a recycling allocated product.

system boundary

The point where materials flow into or out of the system. Materials are converted to credits when entering the system at a boundary and from credits to allocated mass when leaving the system at a boundary. Only materials which have an origin within the system boundary...